Since 2015, Atmosphere has been a popular IoT development platform that has helped developers achieve rapid IoT prototyping at an unprecedented rate, and enabled wireless connectivity for thousands of devices. We at Atmosphere IoT want to take your connected product development to the next level, and are excited to offer you an unparalleled new integrated development experience.

We are excited to extend an enrollment invitation to you for the new Atmosphere beta program. Take advantage of the fantastic new array of features Atmosphere has to offer, including a completely redesigned interface, the innovative Atmosphere Studio IDE, dashboard configurations, and much more. And unlike the platform of old, all facets of Atmosphere -- the IDE, mobile interfaces, embedded programming, viewing connected devices, analyzing data, and more -- are now all accessible from one location.

Develop every aspect of your IoT project through individual embedded, mobile application, and cloud workspaces, giving you full control and insight into how each layer is built

Build projects using the reimagined element connection and event system, allowing users of all levels to easily and quickly get their solutions created

Manage your connected devices and interact with them directly through the platform and custom-built mobile interfaces

View and analyze your data on dashboards through a variety of tables, graphs, and more