Anaren Unveils 1.2 Version of its Anaren Atmosphere Development Platform

    Press Releases | Jun 01, 2015

    Anaren announced that it has launched version 1.2 of its recently introduced Anaren Atmosphere online development platform. Originally launched in January 2015, with a follow‐on 1.1 version introduced in April of 2015, Anaren Atmosphere affords embedded developers a range of online development tools that greatly ease such tasks as code‐authoring and mobile app coding for connecting embedded products to mobile devices – or the IoT – using the company’s Broadcom‐based AIR for WICED Bluetooth Smart module. With each new version, the company seeks to respond to user feedback, expand functionality, and enrich user experiences with the platform.

    “Only six months after Anaren Atmosphere’s original launch and three months after our 1.1 enhancements, our latest iteration of Atmosphere continues to break new ground in making life – and access to the IoT – easier for embedded developers of all sophistication levels,” said Mark Bowyer, Anaren’s Director of Wireless Business Development. “From making it easier to wirelessly connect ST Microelectronics sensors to your project through our new element library ‐‐ to a more intuitive and aesthetically pleasing interface ‐‐ Atmosphere 1.2 raises the already high bar we’ve set for development tools in the IoT space.”

    Anaren Atmosphere 1.2 updates include:

    • New Sensors Element Library: Users of Anaren Atmosphere are acquainted with the tool’s ability to ‘drag and drop’ embedded code suitable to build a project/prototype with its Bluetooth Smart Kit’s multi‐sensor development board. Now the Atmosphere tool also includes 3rd party elements – such as an array of sensor elements from ST Microelectronics – that speed the addition of data‐creating sensors to a project.
    • New Icon Designs: Icons in the Atmosphere toolbox have been given a facelift to help users find needed functions faster and render the user experience more intuitive and visually appealing.
    • Improved Android Reliability: Android devices will now queue all of their events and carefully send them over a Bluetooth® Smart connection. This will ensure messages will not be lost; fewer errors will occur while running apps or programs on an Android device; and communication between the embedded product and an Android device will happen in a more reliable fashion.
    • Code API Snippet Tree Now the AIR for WICED API is provided in a left hand panel in the “code view” of the Atmosphere tool, so the user can quickly add needed function calls to code. The API is also dynamically updated when an element library is added to a project, so the user can quickly refer to the new functionality.
    • Optimized GPIO Write and Read Elements: These elements have been optimized for smaller data throughput and, hence, lower battery consumption. A GPIO Toggle Element has also been added to provide the toggle functionality previously included in GPIO Write.
    • New Web Link Element: This new element allows the user to “call” the mobile web browser to pull up a website; a great asset for beacon applications or smart marketing.
    • Enhanced ‘Deep Sleep’ Mode API: Available in the original Atmosphere, this feature has been enhanced with more customization options and added reliability – allowing users maximum flexibility in putting Anaren’s AIR for WICED modules into ‘deep sleep’ when in the field, for maximum power‐saving capability.
    • ADC Read Fixes: The ADC reader now works with Anaren’s development platform (MSDB), for improved reading of analog values from target sensors.
    • Slider Enhancements: For developers adding a ‘slider’ function to their application, Anaren has added a new, time‐saving “on released” event ‐‐ so the developer doesn’t have to send an event every time the slider is moved. This also reduces the overall packet size and numbers of transmissions contributing to battery life.