the cycle of Atmosphere

Atmosphere allows you to develop connected products within a single secure platform, so you don't need to integrate untested solutions from multiple places.

The Atmosphere Studio IDE simultaneously builds firmware for your embedded device, a mobile app, and integrated cloud connectivity. This seamlessly allows you to design a mobile interface that interacts with an embedded device while sending and storing data on the cloud, creating a comprehensive IoT solution in minutes.

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Embedded Development

Atmosphere makes it easy for developing and programming hardware by doing the work for you. With its unique drag-and-drop interface, Atmosphere builds your project without the need to write code. This allows you to quickly rapidly develop your product, accelerating the entire development cycle and significantly reducing cost.

Powerful API

For users with more advanced backgrounds, code can be added from the powerful Atmosphere API, providing even more customization and development flexibility to create your next IoT solution.

Easy Firmware Programming

Easily program firmware created from your project directly from Atmosphere Studio into your embedded device.

Secure OTA Updating

All Atmosphere projects can have secure over-the-air (OTA) updating built in to them, providing the ability to remotely update your program's firmware for fast and convenient updating of IoT devices.

Application Development

As Atmosphere builds your embedded firmware, it simultaneously creates the mobile interface to interact with it. Capable of creating graphically-rich interfaces for your prototypes, Atmosphere brings your IoT concept to life through easy designing of mobile apps and web-based user interfaces.

App Development Simplified

Design and build your prototype's app interface with Atmosphere's easy-to-use Layout Panel, drastically reducing your cost and time-to-market.

Platform Flexibility

Mobile apps can be created for Android and iOS operating systems, on a wide range of pre-populated device screen layouts (or add your own custom layout), providing the flexibility to design the app exactly as you like for the devices you want to display it on.

Design Solutions

Whether its a complex monitoring solution or a simple light switch, Atmosphere's flexible interface caters to all varieties of applications so you can design the app you envision.

Cloud Development

Atmosphere works seamlessly to connect your devices to the cloud. With an array of cloud elements for expansive cloud functionality, Atmosphere adds cloud connectivity for your data and creates your complete sensor-to-cloud solution in minutes.

Empowered IoT

Atmosphere provides easy cloud connectivity access, connecting your product to the cloud to take advantage of data hosting, analytics, reporting, real-time monitoring, and much more.

Comprehensive Analysis

With a rich dashboard featuring numerous graphing and reporting options, Atmosphere allows you to analyze, track, and understand your embedded data in a variety of ways, absorbing data through whichever means speaks to you.

Simple Device Provisioning

Devices are easily registered to Atmosphere, so you don't need to struggle using complicated embedded SDKs or poorly-written documentation to do it yourself.


Get the most out of your ESP32 with Atmosphere.

Flexible and powerful, the Espressif ESP32 is a fantastic option for IoT products, and when paired with Atmosphere offers a complete IoT development solution. Get the most out of your ESP32 and take advantage of the an easy-to-use platform to quickly get applications developed and connected to the cloud.

Develop with the Intel Curie module in a whole new way.

The Intel Curie product is an advanced Bluetooth Smart module built around the Intel Quark SE microcontroller integrating compute, sense, awareness, connectivity and a programmable input/output controller within a common package. This complete low-power solution comes with motion sensors, battery charging, and a pattern matching engine for optimized analysis of sensor data.

Atmosphere Cloud integration with Amazon Web Services

Send managed device data from Atmosphere Cloud to AWS products.


Get started developing your own end-to-end IoT solution today.