Quickly develop and affordably deploy cloud-based IoT solutions

With a full suite of pre-integrated IoT building blocks, Atmosphere takes you from concept to connected device with less effort, risk, time and money.

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IoT Developer Studio

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Firmware Programming

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iOS and Android Apps

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Device Management

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Dashboard Analytics

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Meet the low-code development platform that streamlines your IoT solution building

Atmosphere is a robust, integrated and highly scalable platform that gives IoT developers what they need to build, connect and manage embedded-to-cloud solutions. With Atmosphere, you don’t need to struggle integrating untested components from multiple vendors and places.

Get started prototyping today and fast track your development cycle from concept through deployment.

Powerful drag-and-drop interface for rapid creation of IoT firmware and software

Rapidly create projects though Atmosphere’s unique drag-and-drop elements, blocks of pre-made code that perform a variety of functions, from reading embedded sensors to sending commands from the cloud directly to your device. Connect elements together and bring your ideas closer to market.

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Complete development solution covers your IoT needs all from one place

With Atmosphere Studio IDE, you can simultaneously develop firmware for your embedded device, design a mobile app that interacts with your device, and integrate cloud connectivity that sends and stores data on the cloud. Build a compelling proof of concept in just a few minutes all from within Atmosphere.

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Simple yet powerful embedded control

Read and extract sensor data for a variety of peripherals with easy-to-use sensor elements to get the most out of your embedded sensors: control GPIOs, read ADCs, send data over UART and SPI, and much more.

We have expansive sensor support

Expansive Sensor Support

Select from dozens of pre-integrated sensors from top manufacturers in Atmosphere Studio’s Element Library. No need to get your hands dirty.

We have and easy to use api

Easy Firmware Customization

For advanced firmware developers, C code can be modified or added using the Atmosphere API, providing granular customization of your embedded software.

The application view of Atmosphere

Dynamic apps to bring your ideas to life

Atmosphere simultaneously creates a mobile app as you build your embedded firmware to interact with your devices.

Design graphical apps and web interfaces in Atmosphere’s visual interface builder for easy control of sensors, sending commands to the device and notifications to the cloud, and reading data in real time.

We have flexibility other platforms dont have

Cross Platform Support

Create stunning apps that work on all popular Android and iOS devices and look great across different screen sizes --- without the usual pain and suffering.

We have customizable design solutions

Customizable User Interface

Whether you’re building a complex mobile application or a simple on/off switch, Atmosphere Studio IDE provides a flexible, customizable mobile UI.

Cloud view in our platform

Connect and manage from the cloud

Connect your data seamlessly to the cloud via your device or an IoT gateway. Easily provision fleets of devices securely and reliably. Then, monitor and manage your devices, data and users with visual data dashboards, analytics and notifications.

We have simple device provisioning

Device Provisioning Made Simple

With the click of a button devices are provisioned to Atmosphere, so you don't need to struggle using complicated embedded SDKs or poorly-written documentation to do it yourself.

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Visual Data Insights

Monitor, analyze and make smarter, data-driven decisions using Atmosphere’s configurable visual dashboards and reporting options.

Choosing the right building blocks is a tough decision. We make it easier by offering the best to get started.

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Make your IoT concepts a reality

Try Atmosphere for free and build your new IoT prototype in minutes.